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Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning is carried out on a strictly Confidential basis, with a detailed Financial Appraisal presented to Clients.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning includes the listing of all Client Assets and Liabilities, details of Client contributions to Pension/Provident Funds and a listing of all their Investments and Assurance Policies. Clients are encouraged to set their own Retirement goals with our suggestions and recommendations offered in addressing Retirement shortfalls.

Education planning

Education planning for minor children, Parents putting Savings aside to provide Monies for Future Education and Careers.

Estate Planning

Estate planning looks at provision of Income at Death for surviving Dependants, Liquidity in the Estate, Executor Fees and Estate Duty Liabilities.

Investment Advice

Investment advice, we represent only reputable Investment Houses, offering solutions from the ultra conservative guaranteed, to the market orientated moderate and aggressive Portfolio options. These include Capital Growth and Income producing solutions, both Domestically and Offshore.

Wills and Trusts

Wills and Trusts, our Legal team are responsible for the drafting of Wills and also facilitating the setting up of both Domestic and Offshore Trusts, for protection of Assets.

Business Assurance

Business Assurance, with Entrepreneurs playing an increasing role in our Economy, the need to look after small to medium size businesses becomes increasingly important. Protection of Assets via Shareholders/Buy and Sell Agreements, Keyperson Assurance and Contingent Liability are necessary considerations.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits, we provide consultancy to Companies on their Group Pension and Provident Funds with a view to improving Benefits, Investment returns, Costs and Service.

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Our Mission Statement

Maintaining a Sound and Proud Reputation through Honesty and Integrity over 20 years. Respecting the needs of our Clients and assisting them in achieving their Financial Objectives.

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